- Aug 21, 2018 -

The most difficult part of moving is safely transporting glassware. Whether you collect porcelain tea sets, enjoy unique wine glasses, or simply wish to take your drinking glasses along with you, moving them from one home to another is nerve wracking just to think about.

So, how can you safely pack your glassware to avoid it potentially cracking, shattering, or breaking entirely? Luckily, there are steps you can take and small cheats you can attempt to lessen your chances of seeing your coveted glassware broken, right from a professional packer.

1.Invest in packing paper. 

It can be butcher’s paper, tissue paper, or simple wrapping sheets – packing paper is key in keeping your glassware cushioned, and in place. The more packing paper used between stemware, the less likely your pieces are to move around. The less moving they do, the less likely they are to break. Butchers paper is readily available at supermarkets, and is incredibly affordable.

2.Line your boxes with your packing paper.

 Lightly scrunch your paper and place it on the bottom of your box until you can no longer feel the bottom. Place a few layers of paper on top of your scrunched papers to create a makeshift shelf before you begin placing your glassware inside. This will absorb most big bumps along the way, and help protect the contents of the box.

3.Wrap each glass. 

Take a sheet of packing paper, and wind it around your glassware. Do this for each item you place in your box, and place them next to one another. Don’t pack them too tightly together, they should be touching, but not pressing together. Fill in any extra spaces with more lightly scrunched packing paper to keep them from shifting too much during the journey.

4.Wrap stemware in a cylinder. 

Take some packing paper and lightly scrunch it around the stem of your glassware. Then, take another sheet, and wind it tightly around your glass until it resembles a cylinder in shape. It might often be a good idea to tape the paper in place to keep it from slipping away while your stemware is in its box.

5.Use your linens and towels!

This is a great way to save space, and to keep your more valuable items protected. Things such as china and porcelain can be wrapped in your sheets, or towels, and carefully stacked together. Be sure to cushion both the bottom and the top of the box while packing, and to fill in any extra space. Always make sure there’s as little room for movement as possible to avoid damage from bumps along the way.

6.Invest in purpose-built moving boxes. 

These moving boxes can be rented, or purchased. Crates are also on the market if you’re extra cautious about your belongings, but spending a few extra dollars on tougher, more durable boxes will never be a bad idea. These boxes are far more likely to keep your valuables from being damaged, and are tougher than average cardboard boxes. One of the biggest mistakes made during a move is the decision to use average, every-day boxes. These will rarely survive the trip, so to save yourself the concern, and extra stress, it’s best to find purpose-made boxes for your move. 

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