A new declaration for Indonesia

- Jul 10, 2018 -

A new declaration for Indonesia 

 Recently, major shipping companies and overseas agents have issued early warnings. Indonesia, the country with the most difficult customs clearance in Southeast Asia, has implemented a new declaration on May 23: 


For all Indonesian import and export goods, the following information must be showed on BL:


Indonesian Customs New Requirements


1. The consignee ID TAX NO., that is, the taxpayer identification number;


2. Goods HS code;

From the manifest submitted on May 23, 2018, if some guests do not want to display on the bill of lading, be sure to provide the above information to the agent.


The main ports of Indonesia include:




This time, a new regulation will be issued. The majority of foreign trade and freight forwarding enterprises need special attention. If they are not implemented according to the new regulations, they may be severely investigated and deducted!

Therefore, the vast number of foreign trade partners must submit information according to the latest reminders from Indonesian customs and shipping companies.



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