Advantages of double- wall glass

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Double-wall glass is not easy to hot but easy to clean, does not leave tea stains, rubbing resistance, and is a high-quality product integrating environmental protection and practical application. The biggest benefit is thermal insulation. In the middle of the two walls is a vacuum barrier that protects the water temperature of the glass and is not hot to the heat.

The advantages of double- wall glass


Beautiful and practical. Most double-wall glasses are made of high-quality borosilicate crystal glass. They have a smooth and comfortable surface, high transparency, good abrasion resistance, and resistance to acidic attack. They do not have residual odor and are easy to clean. That is beautiful, healthy and easy to use.


Thermal insulation design. The glass body of the double-wall glass has two walls of glass and a certain space in the middle. This design keeps the temperature of the liquid in the glass from being lost too quickly and ensures that it will not be hot. The design is convenient for people to drink.


Resistance to temperature changes. When the ordinary glass suddenly encounters boiling water, it cannot withstand sudden and sudden temperature changes and bursts occur. However, unlike a double-wall glass, it is fired through a high-temperature process and can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of -20° to 150°. The temperature difference is highly adaptable and does not easily burst.


Leakproof design. Double-wall glass cups have a seal on the inside of the lid. This design effectively prevents liquid leakage and can be carried around with confidence. This wall of seals is a compound national medical-grade safety standard and is absolutely safe and secure.

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