Advantages of handmade decanters

- Sep 03, 2018 -

The glass material of the craft bottle has good barrier property. It can prevent the invasion of oxygen and other gases into the interior.  

At the same time, it can prevent volatile components of the interior from volatilizing into the atmosphere.  Organize the volatiles in the bottle to ensure the quality and performance of the bottle.



The process of producing the handmade decanters:

1.First, design, confirm and mold. The raw material of the craft bottle is quartz sand. And other excipients dissolve into liquid at high temperature.

2.Then mold the mold and cool it down. 

3.A glass bottle is formed by cutting and tempering. 

4.Glass bottles generally have rigid signs, and the logo is also made of mold shapes.

Process bottles play an important role and value in their use, and can play a good role in their use. According to certain process technology production and production, ensure to carry out according to certain principle.

The advantages of craft bottles make it use in different fields and industries.  It can effectively protect substances in bottles from damage and influence.

Besides, the process bottle is suitable for automatic filling production line. Domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment development is also more mature. The use of glass bottles for fruit and vegetable juice drinks has certain advantages in China.

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