Characteristic of double wall glass cups and it’s heat preservation

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Characteristic of double wall glass cups and it’s heat preservation

As new models of glass cups items, double wall glass cups are more popular now, cause with the competitive price and it’s good for drinking hot tea and water.


Double wall glass cup is made by high borosilicate material, it’s very clear and easy to clean. Double wall glasses is passed 600 temperature then can shape up. And as it’s name show, have double wall, it can keep the high temperature of drinks and not thorny too. And this double wall glass cup can pass the standard food test, health to use for human’s body. The best thing is, double wall glasses can do customized design logo, so that this cup can present as present for others.


And cause the gap of two walls is vacuo, so double wall glass cup is heat preservation, can keep the water or tea’s temperature in long time. Using double wall glass cup is a tendency in our future daily life.




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