Classification of Glass Bottles and Their Usage

- Jul 10, 2018 -

1, thin necked glass bottle (small bottle)

1.jpgAll bottle-neck bore less than 30 mm, are called fine neck bottles, used to hold a variety of liquid substances.

2, coarse necked glass bottle (large mouth bottle)


Bottle-neck inner diameter larger than 30 mm can for holding block, powder and paste items.


Basic requirements for glass bottles and cans.


According to different uses, all kinds of glass bottles have their corresponding technical regulations. In general, the following basic requirements should be met:


1, glass quality should melt well and evenly, as far as possible to avoid stones, stripes, bubbles and other defects. Colorless glass should have high transmittance and stable color, and can absorb a certain wavelength of light.


2. Physical and chemical properties


2.1 . The glass shall have certain chemical stability and cannot affect the quality of the contents .


2.2, the glass bottle should have certain thermal stability, the damage rate is very small.


2.3, glass bottles should have a certain mechanical strength, to vibration and impact, pressure, etc.


3. forming quality to ensure that the glass can be broken during sterilization and other heating or cooling processes to withstand internal pressure and in the course of handling and use 'glass bottles shall be formed in accordance with certain capacity, weight and shape, and there should be no distortion, Defects such as surface roughness, cracks and unfullness. The glass should be evenly distributed, not allowed to be too thin and too thick, especially the mouth should be smooth and smooth to ensure sealing.


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