Difference between machine pressed candle holder and hand blown candle holder

- Mar 24, 2018 -

  Difference between machine pressed candle holder and hand blown candle holder


Candle holder can produced by hand and machine, and here we introduce the difference between candle sticker in two craft.


The surface:


Machine pressed: We can easily find machine press candle jar in everywhere. But most of them are in clear matieral, less designs, the shape is single, and can easier find the joint line. But its specification will better than the one made in hand, but more heavier.


Hand blown: Can be different shape, different color in different designs. Can be decored by some beautiful decoration, very suitable for wedding and home decors.


image.png Machine pressed

image.png Hand blown


The craft:


Machine pressed: Produce online by machine, the output is very high. Usually one production line can produce tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands pieces. But the production without any artistry, so its price will cheaper.


Hand blown: Each candle sticker’s production chain controled by hand, so it’s in low output, usually only can produce hundres of pieces each day. 



The value:


Machine pressed: Usually in lower value, usually for practical usage, less ornamental value.


Hand blown: In higher value, except for daily used, also can be used for decoration at home ,party and wedding.

image.pngMachine pressed

image.pngHand blown

image.pngHand blown



The MOQ:


Machine pressed: Usually need 50000pcs to produce online, and mould fee need about 30000RBM for one design.


Hand blown: Small MOQ is acceptable, usually 5000pcs is acceptable. And the mould fee usually need about 5000RMB.


Garbo candle holder designs:

 image.png image.png

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