Differences Between Crystal Glass Cup And Lead-Free Crystal Glass cup

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Differences Between Crystal Glass Cup And Lead-Free Crystal Glass cup

The glass should be preferred when drinking water. Glass is not only transparent but also healthier than other materials. Glass cup not includes organic chemicals, when people use glass cup to drink water or other beverages, would not worry about so much poisonous chemicals to damage our health. Glass is smooth and easy to clean, so people use water glass cup is healthier and safer.It does not contain lead and other harmful substances, can be used at ease.


The effects of lead-free crystal glass is better than crystal glass, because the crystal on the surface of the concave and convex than glass, hanging cup effect is better, so that you can let the wine with a good contact with oxygen in the air, the taste of the wine more moist. Today I'd like to introduce the difference between lead-free crystal glass and ordinary crystal glass.



1.Color- lead-free crystal glass has better refractive and brighter color. In general crystal glasses have poor hand feel, pale color, poor refractive index and even bubbles in some places.

2. Weight-the lead-free crystal glass of the doublet is slightly lighter than ordinary crystal glass.

3.Sounds-the lead crystal glass makes a dull sound, while the lead-free twin glass has a crisp metallic sound, clear and distant.

4.Content-the crystal glass is 100% lead-free, barium free, healthy and environment-friendly. It is mostly high-grade handicrafts and has a logo on the outer package.And the crystal glass that people USES in life mostly contains lead, its content of lead oxide is higher can reach 24%, long-term use, adverse health.

5.Toughness - lead-free crystal glass is more flexible and has better impact resistance than a lead-based crystal glass.



According to authoritative data, leaded glass has great harm to health. if used for a long time, the blood vessels of the central nervous system and brain cortex will be harmful. When blood lead concentrations reached 30 micrograms per liter, can appear fatigue, dizziness, headache, memory declining, such as reaction, serious when still can produce a hardening of the arteries, the digestive tract ulcer and the symptom such as retinal hemorrhage, when temporary intake of lead and its compounds, excessive amounts of lead even deposition in the bones, and buried the hidden trouble of the fracture.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the right high-quality lead-free crystal glass to enjoy delicious red wine.

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