Differences between Handcraft Technology and Ranks machine( I.S.machine) in glass bottle

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Glass bottle production process, there are two handcrafts and I.S.machine. There are certain differences in glass bottles produced.

1.The technology of the die line and the glass bottle body mold line is consistent of the I.S.machine. Handcraft machines are not necessarily in a straight line.

2.The bottom of the I.S.machine is printed at the bottom of the cooling machine. But the Handcraft Technology is not very clear.

3.Because the Handcraft machine is water cooled. And the pipeline technology is the combination of air and wind cooling.  Produced glass bottle body smoothness ranking machine technology than hand-made smooth, uniform, clear bottle wall, transparency.

4.Glass bottles at the bottom of the handcrafted machine can not produce dull print. While the pipelining process can see the obvious impression.

5.When several glass bottles are put together, The bottles in the process line look neat, Even the angle of reflection is very consistent.

Generally speaking, the production process of glass bottle production line is much better than that produced by manual machine. It can adapt to all kinds of automatic filling machine

Here, you can check the Ranks machine (IS machine)made glass bottle.

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