Europe is going on vacation. How to follow your clients?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Europe is going on vacation. How to follow your clients?

There will be a off-season for Foreign trade in June, July and August every year, because many European customers gonna take a vacation in the summer. For many Europeans, summer vacations is the great time of one year, and choosing a vacation land and then stay comfortable for a while, is an important part of their lives.



The following are holiday arrangements for some European countries, for reference : 

Germany: Usually 4 to 5 weeks, from July to September. Can take turns during these 3 months 

France: from the last week of July to August, almost all have a holiday

Italy: from the early August to the early September

Poland: from the early July to the end of July,

Netherlands: from the early July to the early August

Belgium: from the middle of July to the early August

Czech republic: from the early July to the end of August

Norway: can have holidays by turn from July to September

Spain: from the early July to the early August

Portugal: from the middle of July to the end of the month,

Switzerland:from the early July to the end of July

Denmark: generally holiday ends before


During European customers’ vacation, there are still many things that export companies can do, such as looking for customers in other markets, training employees.

How to deal with the problem of off-season is a question for many foreign trade sales, here are some tips:

1. To confirm the orders and shipping details that are being produced before our European clients take a vacation. Otherwise they may not receive work calls or reply to work e-mails while on vacation. Failure to find them will delay production and delivery.

2. If possible, try to let clients to leave a contact that can be found at any time, because there will always be one or more unexpected events when the goods are being producing, and have to confirm those questions with the customer.

3. if the client does not place an order, we should try to persuade to place orders before the holiday. In this case, when he finishes his vacation, the production is nearing the end or finishes.

4. Try to confirm with the guests how long their holidays in order to arrange work accordingly.

5. Maintain old customers. After encounter off-season, you will appreciate the old customers, particularly those man purchase in a large quantity, ask them more during this time!

6. Develop more markets except Europe.

7. When the off-season comes, if your job very idle, then let’s find more things to enrich ourselves. For example, you can study the functions, data of your company website, upload more products, and improve product information. Things that you don't have time to deal with in your ordinary times, can usually be done during off season.


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