Glass canister and its advantages

- Jun 04, 2018 -

                   Glass canister and its advantages



  As we all know, the canister is used for our kitchen, to container various condiment, such as salt, pepper, mustard, sugar. There are many kind of canister: glass canister, ceramics canister, plastics canister, bone china canister, stainless steel canister,etc. In this case, which kind of material is the best for canister?



ceramics canister      plastics canister                               

image.png     image.png

glass canister     stainless steel canister


  According to a research, most of people prefer glass canister. They think glass canister is easy to buy, easy to clean, affordable and durable.

Compare to ceramic and stainless canister, glass canister would be easier to see what contained inside and more light. And cheaper.

  Compare to plastic canister, glass canister is more hygienic and anti-fouling. And glass material would not oxidized, also high temperature resistant.


  Another important thing for canister is, if the canister material properties are relatively stable, not easy to react with other substances. For plastic material, it will degrade when it encounters temperature changes. For metal materials , it is relatively active. If the spices contain acid and alkaline substances, chemical changes are likely to occur. Therefore, it is best to use glass products.



So how to choose glass canister?

Usually it is related to product sealing, and a lid to prevent dust. Also other subjective factors, such as its aesthetics and your prefer.



Recently, we are doing a promotion about glass canister with good quality and cheap price, as below:

 glass body with plastic lid.


 4pcs as a set, lids's color can be sliver, blue, green, yellow...for your choice. Color box packing.

If you are interested in our glass canister, don’t hesitate to contact us, there are many different design to show you.



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