Glass jars various processing

- May 25, 2018 -

Glass jars various processing

  We will introduce glass storage jars processing today, for showing various design and our company´s real samples for reference.

Actually glass storage jars will have 4 popular capacity: 500ml, 800m, 1300ml and 1800ml. And for these 4 capacities, it´s hot sale be a set for suitable for the market.

First of all, these storage jars can spray color, please check about some new designs as below:


And secondly, these storage jars can have fabric cover outside with different designs and colors:


Finally, storage jars also can have ceramic lids with different shapes and designs, it´s very popular in this year:



Glassware is clear when it mass produce, but people always decorate them to make life more color and make goods more hot sale. Maybe it will have more different and various designs for glass storage jars, we will wait and check.

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