How to clean different glass cups

- Jun 23, 2018 -

                 How to clean different glass cups

  Nowadays, people in daily life have more chances to drink because of the pressure. For the cup and saucer of the dining table and kitchen, glass cups is becoming more popular. However, most of us don’t think that their cleanliness will directly affect the taste and taste of drinks, except being tidy and clean. In fact, we also need to learned to how to clean and clean glasses.



 Let's talk about beer mugs:


  The key for beer mugs is foam. Firstly, you must ensure that the inside of the glass cannot have oil stains. When you are cleaning, you cannot put them together with other dishes. Use neutral detergent and a sponge to remove the grease, wash your lipstick thoroughly. Repeat the flush several times, and then naturally dry. Do not dry it with rags, even the rag was washed in hot water, there are also oil remained in it. If there are water drops on glass cups, just let it air-dry.


Then the red wine goblet:


  In order to savor the fragrance and shine, after removed the oil, we also need to wipe it with burlap. At the same time, because of the special shape, we must be very careful when we hold it in hands---excessive force can easily cut off its "foot". 

For washing, it is quite tricky. Firstly, the goblet (usually it will not be only one or two),put it in the basin, add neutral detergent, and inject warm water. Notice, the cup should be put down. Wipe it with a sponge. The order to wash is cup bottom, high foot, and cup holder, wipe it gently . There is no special requirement for water, but warm water is the best. When it is half-dry, use a dry cloth to dry it. It is easily to break the goblet high foot when you rub the ball with one hand while you are holding the goblet by your another hand. After cleaning, please upturn the goblet mouth.


 The last is an ordinary glass:


The ordinary glass means soda-lime glass. During the wet season, it is easy to hang moisture on glass cups. If the glass cups are not gilded, it can be wiped by vinegar or lemon, to restore luster. Although dishwasher is more convenient, it is best to wash the glasses by hand.


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