How to determine whether the glass contains lead?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Glass is mainly divided into ordinary glass and crystal glass, and crystal glass including this lead-free crystal glass, lead crystal glass, so how to identify whether the glass contains lead?

First of all, look carefully at the glass logo. If it is a lead-free glass, it will generally contain potassium, mainly a high-grade handicraft. There will be some markings on the outer packaging, and lead will be found in the lead glass. In some supermarkets and stalls, common is crystal glass, lead oxide content can reach 24.

Secondly, we need to observe the color carefully. The lead-free glass is more light shading than the traditional correspondence crystal glass. It can show the barrier property of metallic glass, such as the crystal glass that we are familiar with, as well as various shapes and accessories. And crystal lamps and so on, these are made of lead glass.

In addition, glass cups generally have the characteristics of high temperature, they are generally cold resistant, and their performance will be relatively poor. Lead-free crystal glasses are glasses of high expansion coefficient. They will be nearly as cold and hot as they are. If it is very cold 5, 000 glasses, use boiling water to make tea easy to burst.

When we pick up a glass, it's a little thicker if it's a leaded crystal glass, and a lead-free crystal glass. Then we go to hear the sound of lead glass, lead crystal glass is usually metal sound, lead glass sound more pleasant and pleasant. Lead-free glasses will have greater toughness.

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