How to make the decal logo for pyrex glass cups?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

How to make the decal logo for pyrex glass cups?


  In life, more and more people prefer to choose pyrex glass cups for tea/coffee/water drinking for health. You will see there are different logos on the glass cups. Like below photo:




  Some logos locate on the outer or inner surface of pyrex glass cups,some logos locate on the bottom of them. Logos can be company brand name,words,character,flowers etc. We have rich experience to making customized logos for different clients needs.

Double wall cups of Bodum famous brand logo as below:


Many people ask: how to make the decal logo for the pyrex double wall cups etc?

We hereby share the answer as below:

Step 1:

Designing the customized logo image


Step 2:

Wetting the logo image by putting it to the water,sticking the logo image to the logo location accurately by handmade finish. Next,putting the pyrex glass cups with logo image to the pallet to make the moisture disappear by one or two days naturally,otherwise,the logo will be broken.


Step 3:

Putting the pyrex glass cups with sticking logo image to the annealing furnace,using 560annealing appropriately for strength and robustness.


Step 4:

Decal logo finished,the yellow bottom layer part will be disappear after annealing.

After comparing below two photos,you will understand what I say.





Should any further more we can do for you,welcome to contact us.


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