How to make the double wall cups

- Jan 19, 2018 -

            How to make the double wall cups

Nowadays,more and more people like to choose double wall cups for coffee, tea or juice etc.

They look beautiful,heat resistant. The most important is healthy borosilicate glass material for drinking.


Now we share how to make the double wall cups:


Step 1:

Choosing suitable borosilicate glass tube and softening it by 820℃.



Step 2:

Cutting the suitable tube according to the product height.



Step 3:

Continue to heating the glass tube to make it a little bigger before putting it to the mold by mouth blown and rolling the right hand.



Step 4:

Continue to make the glass tube bigger by mouth blown and rolling right hand.




Step 5:

Cutting the redundant pyrex glass cup mouth part by heating.




Step 6:

Putting the outter part outside the inner part.



Step 7:

Sealing the double wall glass cup mouth by heating.





Step 8:

Making the small hole on the bottom of  pyrex glass cup outter layer.



Step 9:

Sealing the bottom for pyrex double wall cup by heating.



Step 10:( If needed)

Adding the glass handle by machine or by hand.



Step 11:

Making printing logo or decal logo.



Step 12:

Putting the pyrex double wall cups with logo to the annealing furnace by 560℃.



Step 13:

Sealing the hole by glue.



Step 14:




Some of borosilicate double wall glass cups styles as below

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