Introduction of Garbo Glassware Hot sale items

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Garbo Glassware which is one of the biggest manufactures and suppliers of glassware industry in South China;

 With more than 25 years experience in glassware and having a 15,000 square meters warehouse in Panyu,Guangzhou,China.

 We have over 5000items glassware including: Lead free crystal glass, borosilicate glass, glass tumbler, wine cup, bowl, jug, jar, cruet bottle, candy jar, plastic cup etc.

Now we will show you some our hot sale glassware items.

1)10oz Glass tumbler 

2)8oz Glass tumbler with inner designs

3)8oz Whisky glass cups

4)2 oz Decal shot glass cups 

5)1.4L Glass cold water jug

6)500ml Glass mason jars with mental lid and straw

7)150z Large glass beer mug

8)6oz Small glass coffee mug with iron handle

9)5pcs Glass salad bowl set

10)7pcs Glass ice cream bowl set

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