Is the cheap glass poisonous? What harm does the poisonous glass cause?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

  Is the cheap glass poisonous? What harm does the poisonous glass cause?


1, Is the cheap glass poisonous?




  Usually Soda-lime glass is cheap price, and the lead content is not effectively controlled, so we usually use it but hiding the hidden danger in the body. We can avoid buying bad quality when purchasing lead glass. Ordinary glass products have darker color, poor refractive index and poor hand feeling. Many times, bubbles and impurities can be seen. The sound is dull with fingers, and the work is slightly rough. The edges or handles may be I will see the burrs, the whole cup looks dark and not up to grade.


  Some high-grade glass crafts, the raw material is crystal glass, containing toxic heavy metals such as lead oxide. Although the appearance is beautiful and transparent, it will release the lead contained in the water into the water, which is also very harmful.


2, What harm does the poisonous glass cause?

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  The glass that causes poisoning is usually a lead crystal cup and a pigmented glass.

Crystal glass is a poisonous and lead-containing crystal glass. Because it contains lead, if it is used for boiling water or acidic beverage, the lead in the glass will dissolve in water when it is boiled, and it will react with acidic substances when it is filled with acidic beverage.Induces toxic substances harmful to the human body. 

  At present, there are two kinds of crystal glass circulating on the market: lead-free crystal glass and lead-containing crystal glass. The former generally contains potassium, mostly high-grade crafts and has logo on the outer packaging; the latter contains lead, that is, in some supermarkets and The common crystal glassware on the floor has a lead oxide content of up to 24%. The cup made of lead-containing artificial crystal contains acidic drinks such as alcohol, cola, honey and fruit juice, or other acidic foods. In daily life, lead ions may form soluble lead salts that are ingested by the human body with beverages or foods, which is a serious health hazard.



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