Machine Blown Glass Vs. Hand Blown Glass

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Machine Blown Glass  Vs.  Hand Blown Glass

These two techniques are very different and require different machinery and knowledge to produce glass products. With these two techniques any type of glass can be manufactured, wine, beer, shot glasses and many more. 

The most common technique is machine blown glass as it can produce items in volumes for mass production. Although these two techniques are very different they are both referred to as press and blow glass manufacturing.

The machine blow process is for cost effective mass production whereas the hand blow process is more appropriate for unique glass pieces, small production runs or for glassware with extremely complex specifications.

Machine Blown Glass Manufacturing:

This manufacturing process is best applied for mass production of any type of glasses, wine, beer or shot glasses. This process is done using a machine that automatizes the process of glass manufacturing.

It is less expensive than Hand Blown Manufacturing since there is no need for manual labor. Machine Blown Glass manufacturing was initiated in the later part of the 19th century.

Example of Drinking Glass Mould

With improvements made over the years, machine blown glass has been able to allow more and more customized mass produced glasses thanks to increased technology in the customization of the mould.

These glasses have a much thicker wall than hand blown glasses to ensure better durability and will be less likely to shatter.

Final key difference between both processes is the presence of a thin line running down the side of the glass. The line is made when the two pieces of the mould come together to form one piece of glass. The line will never disappear it is a characteristic of using moulds but sometimes it is very thin and hardly noticeable.

Hand Blown Glass Manufacturing

The Hand Blown Glass process dates back to around 50B.C, it is widely believed that the Phoenicians invented the process. It is an ancient art form which was used to make glass jars, vases and glass ornaments. This technique was used from 50 B.C up until the 19th century. It was replaced by Machine Blown because of the limitation of volume units that could be produced. Since the mid 1960’s the hand blown technique has been re-introduced more and more by artisans and glass enthusiasts.

Glass blowing is a technique used to give molten glass specific shape and characteristics, it is much more precise then machine blown glass . The manufacturing steps are the same as for those stated in the previous blog, up until molten part where it is in the furnace – then the glassblower performs his task. When he is done blowing the glass product to perfection he places the product into the annealing lehr.

Hand blown manufacturing is the best way to produce unique glassware and the most efficient way to obtain customized specifications. Much more detail and tailored specification can be obtained with this process rather then Machine Blown glass. The wall of the glass can be very thin thus producing a much lighter but also a more fragile glass.

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