tempered glass lunch boxes and high borosilicate glass food container

- Sep 07, 2018 -

 tempered glass lunch boxes and high borosilicate glass food container

Glass lunch box is divided into three kinds: one kind is plastic material: made in resin material, general temperature tolerance range is the highest temperature of 120 ℃, the lowest temperature - 20 ℃. The second kind is  tempered glass food container box which made in tempered glass. The last kine is high borosilicate glass container. The use of high borosilicate glass material is also recognized as a very good fresh box. As consumers pay more and more attention to health.




Here are the difference between tempered glass fresh box and high pyrex glass container, and their advantages and disadvantages:


1, Toughened glass food box is not easily broken even has a strong impact. High pyrex glass lunch box is not as strong as the toughened glass food container.


2, However, high borosilicate glass box has strong heat resistance, superior to toughened glass box, generally applicable temperature -60 to 400 degrees, suitable for microwave oven and refrigerator, and heat-resistant glass box surface smooth without burrs, shiny and beautiful.Suits low temperature and high temperature, is the general friend's first choice.


3, Pyrex containers safe for microwave and ovens. To protect your microwave and oven, do not use them without food. Please do not direct heat over open flame.


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