The characteristic of pyrex baking glassware

- Mar 19, 2018 -

              The characteristic of pyrex baking glassware

 Different glassware can be made in different glass material. Some are in pyrex glass, some are in soda-lime glass. Today we would introduce the characteristic of pyrex baking glassware to you.







High pyrex glassware can heat resistant,can be in microwave and oven. But pls also note, different percentage of Boron Triocide will produce different result. Inculding 13% B2O3, means high borosilicate glassware. If lower, means middle high borosilicate glassware, which can not in oven and microwave.


3, Colors:

Since it container 13% Boron Triocide, its color will be bule or green. Its color not because it made in solid glass.




4, Package:

Can be in color box, bulk pack, polyfoam pack, pallet, wodden pallet, ect.


5, Classic designs:

Round shape, oval shape, rectangle, square, ect.


6, Various kind baking glassware:

Baking glass bowl, baking dish, baking glass food containers,ect.


7, Our company glass baking glassware:




For more details, or if you have any interest, pls feel free contact Garbo~



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