The difference between double walled cups and regular glass cups

- Jul 19, 2018 -

The difference between double walled cups and regular glass cups




The double-walled glass means a glass within a glass. The air between the two glasses is sucked out when it is made, creating a vacuum. Instead of having a heating or cooling element to keep drinks hot or cold, it is designed to keep beverages at the correct temperature by not allowing heat to escape or enter.

Typically made of high-quality borosilicate glass, double-walled glasses can generally accommodate hot and cold drinks alike. Because of the extra wall of glass, double-walled glasses are able to keep your drink insulated for a longer period of time, so your coffee won’t get too cold (or warm) as you continue to work or read the daily news. These double-walled glasses are typically pretty sturdy.

Perhaps the closes thing to the double-walled glass in the thermos. Thermoses were invented in 1892 by Sir James Dewar who was a scientist at Oxford University. The “vacuum flask” wasn’t made for commercial use for about 12 more years when two glass blowers formed the Termos. The word thermos comes from the Greek word “Therme,” meaning “hot.”

Double-walled glasses have a rich history, including the invention of the double-walled Pyrex glass dish that was created in 1928 and the Coffee Butler, a vacuum insulated glass carafe created in 1985.

Not only are these glasses better for keeping your drink hot or cold, they are also very durable.





These cups are generally made from soda lime glass, which is produced by cooling molten so the internal arrangement of atoms remains in a random or disordered state, according to the Encyclopedia.

Glass is often formed into cups, plates, vases, and more by pressed or blowing. The glass could be put into a model to help shape it into whatever they needed. When making glass cups or wine glasses, it begins with design. What will it look like, and what will the dimensions be. After that is decided, the glasses go into production. First, a craftsman picks up a glob of molten glass. He then takes it over to a mold where it is shaped. If the glass has a stem, they are generally hand crafted. After that, the glasses go through quality control. Some machines have been created to help this process along without the need of highly-skilled craftsmen.


In short, while regular glasses can be beautiful, they are often thin and break easily. They also do not provide much insulation to keep a drink hot or cold.


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