The difference between high & low temperature glassware decals

- May 11, 2018 -

Inorganic glassware decals : 

The temperature of the high fire decals should be at 560 -600℃. In this range, the temperature is higher and the adhesion will be more stronger, but the maximum temperature can not exceed 600 degrees. Although decals with this temperature can not be volatile, the color will be shallower. The color of the baked decals is dark, but the adhesion is strong.

Organic glassware decals: 

the temperature of decals is about 170 -180℃ , but the maximum temperature can not exceed 200 degrees. In this range, if the temperature is more higher, the adhesion will be more stronger. Comparing to high temperature, the color of decals at low temperature is more strikingly, but its adhesion is worse.

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