The difference between tempered glass and soda-lime glass

- Aug 28, 2018 -

           The difference between tempered glass and soda-lime glass

The glass is considered as the most healthy drinking cup among all the cup-pot products. It is the best choice for healthy, practical and durable, no matter drinking water, making tea or serving fruit drinks.But do you pay attention to the different types of glass when buying glasses?


In fact, glass products can be divided into: soda-lime glass, tempered glass, heat-resistant glass, glass of different texture, the material and the way to use will also be different.





Soda-Lime glass:

Soda-Lime glass material made of products, heat temperature difference is relatively small, do not recommend the storage of overheating food.In common glass, the thinner can withstand the temperature is bigger instead, because the outer wall of the thin glass can be quickly heated, and make the internal and external temperature equal, expansion uniform, not easy to crack.


image.png image.png



Tempered glass:

Tempered glass is made by heating ordinary glass to about 630 degrees and cooling it quickly through strong winds.It is characterized by forming a compressive stress layer on the glass surface, improving the mechanical strength and thermal impact strength, and having a special fragmentation state.The carrying capacity of tempered glass is about five times that of ordinary glass more resistant.




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