The Different Between LCL And FCL In Transit

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Goods in containers or containers are shipped by multiple consignors or are received by multiple consignees, which called LCL.

The entire container or container goods are shipped by a shipper or by a consignee, which called FCL.

According to the quantity and mode of containerized cargo packing, it can be divided into two types: the whole box and the LCL.

Full Container Load,FCL: It means that the goods are loaded into the container after the goods are loaded, and the containers are checked in boxes. This is usually adopted when the owner has enough supply to carry one or more boxes. Except that some large shippers have their own containers, they usually rent certain containers from the carrier or the container leasing company. When empty containers are shipped to factories or warehouses, they are under the supervision of customs officers. The shipper loads the cargo into the box, locks it, seales it with aluminum, then delivers it to the carrier and obtains the station receipt. Finally, the shipper receives the bill of lading or the bill of lading in exchange for the receipt.


Less Than Container Load,LCL: It refers to the carrier (or agent) accepting the shipment of less than a full box of small bills of lading consigned by the owner, sorting according to the nature and destination of the goods.

Assemble the goods to the same destination and assemble them into a certain quantity. As a container with different shippers assembled together, they call it LCL.  This situation is adopted when the number of consignors is insufficient to fill the whole box.  The classification, sorting, centralization, packing (unloading) and delivery of LCL cargo are carried out at the container terminal of the carrier or at the inland container transfer station.

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