The Function of Wine Decanter

- Sep 25, 2018 -

One thing, it makes red wine fully contact with air to oxidize liquor and soften tannin. It is also possible to remove sediment from wine and taste it directly and not feel the real taste.

The usual practice is to pour red wine into the decanter for several hours after opening the bottle. Let red wine and indoor air fully contact before drinking. A decanter can make a bottle of ordinary wine honorable.  Elegant crystal utensils, romantic candlelight and meticulous bartender in black tuxedo add a touch of nobility, dignity and even sacredness to the banquet. 

To some extent, the use of decanter is not only for good drinking, but also for good-looking.

The decanter has a thin neck and big stomach. We think it's beautiful when we're tasting wine, but it's probably a bit tricky to get rid of the remaining wine or other beverages from the decanter. In fact, the most commonly used method is to use beads in the sober mixer, to achieve the goal of thorough cleaning.

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