The glass is so washed that it won't leave marks easily

- Sep 07, 2018 -

  The glass is so washed that it won't leave marks easily

Glasses are common in daily life. Many people like to use them because they are transparent and look good. However, after a long time of use, a layer of white substance will appear on the surface.There's a real trick to cleaning a glass: 


1: detergent

Soak the glass in the liquid soap, then rinse the glass with clean water after using the liquid soap.

2: white vinegar,

When the glass is covered with scale, it will not shine. You can add half white vinegar and half water to the glass and soak it for several hours before cleaning.

3: alcohol

First of all, make sure to use 75% of the medical alcohol. Pour about 15ML of alcohol onto a clean soft cloth.


No matter use above which 3 methods, after the cup is washed, want to use dry dishcloth immediately wipe clean, such ability won't leave water mark!

The cleaning method of the glass is introduced here. With these methods, you no longer need to be afraid of the glass is not clean, you should wash the glass frequently to avoid bacteria.


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