The Introduction of Sports Water Bottle

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Sports water bottle named word is the outdoor sports carrying water. Compared with other water sports bottle, with a durable, safe and reliable, convenient insurance etc.

The sports kettle has become a popular and environmentally friendly sporting goods. With the rise, development and vigorous growth of the domestic and foreign outdoor sports, the sales volume of sports kettle in China is expanding year by year.

1.Movement filter with filter function

The portable water bottle is a new sports kettle in the past two years. The appearance is similar to that of the traditional water kettle. However, the filter core of its internal filter can quickly filter the water, water and tap water of the water, water and water into direct drinking water. It is convenient for outdoor sports to get safe and safe drinking water anytime and anywhere.

2.Ordinary sports kettle

The traditional water sports, sports can only store need drinking water.

3.Folding sports kettle

Portable folding kettle, the water drained after the bottle body can be folded, do not take a place.


1, The sports use refers to the water kettle used in some more intense sports occasions, such as running, mountain climbing and so on. It is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

2,Outdoor refers to the use of occasions such as hiking, picnic, tourism and so on, characterized by more lightweight and multiple forms of buckle.

3, Students can be used as outdoor kettle, but because of the use of children, in design and production with the professional kettle is different, students use sports kettle more attention to the use of easy and easy to use, for example, can be used to rotate open cover rather than plug cover and so on.

Notice: Operation method

1.When a drink is filled, a 2~3cm gap is left at the mouth of the bottle.

2.Water movement has been stress tested, but too much pressure is likely to cause some burst.

3.Do not use water containing fermented beverage.

4.Filled with water to keep away from heat

5.Don't be filled with water into the freezer cold box or microwave oven.

6.With the movement of water containing gasoline or other fuels do not.

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