The usage method of Wine Decanter

- Aug 02, 2018 -

For aged red wine, if the lower part of the wine is quite wide and the air contact surface is much larger, the time for sobriety can be greatly reduced. There are a few points to pay attention to when you wake up:

1. Holding the neck or bottom of the bottle in the left hand, holding the bottle in about 1/3 places in the right hand. When the bottle is overturned, the shoulder is aligned with the nose, the height of the left hand is about the middle part of the chest and abdomen, and the right hand is slightly higher than the left hand.

2. The angle of both hands should be compatible with each other, the angle of holding the bottle is about 30 degrees with the left hand, and the angle of holding the bottle with the right hand is about 80-90 degrees (from bottom to top), with the appropriate adjustment angle.

3. Contact the inner edge of the mouth of the wine-soaking device at the bottom of the 1.4 cm flange of the bottle head, so that the mouth of the bottle is placed in the center of the decanter.

4, when pouring should be light, do not let the speed of liquor outflow too fast, and pay attention to control the speed of liquor outflow is consistent.

5. When the liquor is infused with a third of 02:00, the speed should be slowed slightly, and the location of the sediment should be observed through the light.

6.Take care when using the soaking device: it is not necessary to pour all the wine in the bottle bottom, because there is more sediment in the bottom of the bottle. The soaking procedure is completed when most of the wine has been injected into the soaking device and the precipitate is gradually deposited on the shoulder.

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