Types of cocktail glasses

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Cocktail glasses help you enjoy your favourite mixed masterpieces in style. Different glasses work best for different drinks so consider what you most often enjoy to maximize taste as well as design. The most popular shapes include:

• Long cocktails – Known as highballs, these tall, narrow glasses are perfect for long cocktails that have a high ratio of mixture to alcohol. They are also an ideal size for ice, making them versatile enough to be used as water glasses as well.

• Short cocktails – Short cocktail glasses, also known as flat-bottomed tumblers, work well for any cocktails or alcohol served ‘on the rocks’. The wide brim and base makes it easy to mash together ingredients before the main liquid is added.

• Martini glass – Martini glasses are among the most iconic styles of glassware, and no stylish bar set up is complete without them. The inverted cone bowl and long stem makes it possible to enjoy the aromas of the drink by placing the rim under your nose, while the long stem makes it easy to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the cocktail inside.

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