What are the characteristics of the world wine? What glass cups should we use for these wines?

- Mar 07, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of the world wine? What glass cups should we use for these wines?

  1. China: Liquor. Especially Maotai.

It is one of the three famous distilled spirits with Scottish whiskey and French cognac. It is also the ancestor of Chinese liquor, Has a long history.

When we drink liquor, we use the following shot glass cup.

2. France: wine.

France is one of the countries with the longest history of wine production in the world. Not only the grape plantations are large, the output of wine is large, but the consumption is high, and the quality of wine is recognized as the first in the world.

When we drink wine, we use the following wine glass, goblet glassware 

3.British: whiskey.

Scotch whiskey has been produced 500 years of history, the unique style of its products, the color brown yellow red, clear and transparent, the smell of coke, with a certain smoky flavor, with a strong Scottish native flavor.

When we drink whiskey, we use the following whiskey glass

4.Germany: beer. 

In 1516, Grand Duke William IV of the Bavarian Duchy promulgated the German Pure Beer Decree, which stipulated that German beer can only be made from three raw materials, namely barley malt, hops and water, so German beer has become the so-called pure beer for nearly five hundred years Synonymous.

When we drink beer, we can use the following beer glass

5.Spain: Sherry. 

Sherry is also an alcohol-enhanced wine. Sherry originating in Auda Luuia, Spain, is the world's sole real sherry. Shirley has its own special flavor, often described as "nutty malted."

When we drink sherry, we can use the following blowing glass stemware.

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