Why a thick glass cup is easiler to burst when pouring hot water?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

       Why a thick glass cup is easiler to burst when pouring hot water?

 Usually, when the water is poured into the glass cup, the thicker glass is easlier to burst. Because the glass cup is room-temperature, when poured into hot water, the inner wall will expand rapidly due to thermal expansion and contraction. However, since the glass is a poor conductor of heat, if the wall of the cup is thick, the temperature will not spread to the outer wall very quickly, so the inner wall will expand; but the outer wall will remain in the original state, so the glass will be broken and broken.


 The thinner the cup, the faster heat conduction when pouring hot water, the smaller temperature difference between the inner and outer walls, and the smaller the deformation between the inner and outer walls, so it is not easy to break. If you pour slowly and a small amount of boiling water and shake the cup at the same time to evenly heat the inside and outside of the cup, you can better avoid the crack.



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