Wine Star-Famous crystal glass brand in Austria

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Wine Star-Famous crystal glass brand in Austria

Wine Star is the Famous crystal glass brand in Austria, which is specialized in Fine workmanship and hard texture. The professional team is made up of highly experienced grape growers and authoritative wine taster.The radian and caliber of its crystal glasses are specially designed. The product is glittering and translucent, the line is beautiful and the sound quality is pleasing to the ear.

Since from 2002, Wine Star, with high quality crystal glass,which has been produced from special raw materials. This special process makes crystal glass not only hard but also durable.  Special reinforcement makes the sensitive parts in the glass hard. It can undergo 1000 clears and no damage in the scrubber.

The most famous items in the Wine Star includes Canon, classic, masonry. It allows you to fully appreciate the aroma of wine from different senses such as taste, smell and touch. The perfect combination of art and craft makes it a favorite among wine lovers.

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