Alibaba Website Pages's Modifications

- Feb 11, 2018 -

                                      Alibaba Website Pages's Modifications

  Even is near by chinese new year, Garbo company still work hard. For make B2B work more clear and easier, in this week Garbo have arranged to make the new template of each products, such as glass tumblers, glass jugs, glass vases, glass ashtrays, glass mugs, printing and decals series, water drinking series, ect,.


 Sales department have prepared all data and design department will make these new templates one by one. New template will have product detail, product photo, more products and production and Garbo’s profile. Please check some example as below:


Now we have 4 Alibaba website pages as below:


We will try our best to make these website pages more beautiful after chinese new year, and sincerely welcome all customers to visit it and hope that we can discuss more, thanks!

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