Arrangement The Showroom For Bottles

- Jul 10, 2018 -

     Arrangement the showroom for bottles

   For prepare the new catalogue of glass bottles, we started to re-arrange the showrooms of glass bottles. We place the bottles as per different series.




We total divise the glass bottle into 6parts.

1) The first one are glass bottles with designs, like flamingo designs, cows designs, colored series, ect.

2) The second part are serial glass bottle, same shape different size, glass storage jars with colors, with cloth cover,ect.

3) The third part are various water bottle, clear bottle, colored bottle or with covers bottles.

4) The forth are mason jar for juice. We place them in same shape but different capacity, with printing design, with colors, ect.

5) The fivth part are less than 500ml small glass storage jar, with different kind lid.

6) The lats part are colored cheap price wine bottle, glass bottle with decorative bulb, special shape glass bottle, glass canister, oil bottle, various size glass dispenser.

 image.png image.png


After placed tidy these glass bottles, clients will more convinient to find their needed glass bottles.


Welcome to visit our clean and tidy in your free time~


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