Australia Clients Revisit For Co-operation

- Feb 02, 2018 -

                  Australia clients revisit for co-operation


  One of our Australia clients will revisit GARBO glassware on FEB 6,2018. This time,client will bring below three samples to his Italy client for business co-operation . They will be used for high-end Italy restaurant. We know Italy market well, it need higher glassware quality than many other countries. Garbo have ablity to offer OEM/ODM serve for different client’s quality/design requirement.


  Garbo create more than 200 new molds each year for developing glassware market. That is one of the reason why so many clients would like to cooperate with us for long term win-win business relationship.


Below are some of our new mould designs:



1.  GB045308YH  GARBO own mold engraved glass cup




2. GB042606YH-1/GB042606YH-1   GARBO own mold engraved glass champagne glass


image.png image.png




More GARBO own mold for glassware-7pcs glass bowl set





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