China’s Export Glassware Is Returned Cargo From Czech Republic

- Sep 04, 2018 -

China’s export glassware is returned cargo from Czech Republic

In recent years, depend on EU’s anti-dumping policy and RASFF report, many export products from China are returned cargo from those western country, of course these products including glassware.


As report shown, some glassware containers are returned cargo from Czech Republic in recent years cause their lead and cadmium element is over the standard. The exported glassware not only need to conform to EU ISO-7086-2 standard, but also need to conform to Czech’s standard CNS 70540-2:1996. And Czech’s standard will be more strict than the EU’s standard.


Actually normally China produce the soda-lime glassware or borosilicate glassware, when these glassware is clear, it must pass the 2 standard which we indicated before. So which glassware will have the risk to be returned cargo cause no conform to the standard? Normally is the spray colored and printing and decals glassware. As we known, normally these glassware will have pigment, and once dosage of pigment is over, so these beautiful glassware is not qualified and will be returned. Cause the import country will consider that it’s harmful for human’s body. So now many importer required that the colored or printing glassware’s design need to be below 2cm of the mouth of cup.


We recommend that when you choose cups for drinking, it’s better choose the clear one if it’s so need the printing. If you want a beautiful one, it’s better to choose some printing design is below 2cm of mouth. So you will not touch directly and can be more safe.





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