Classification Of Borosilicate Glasses

- Jul 19, 2017 -

1, low alkali borosilicate glass: Refers to the sio2-b2o3-r2o composition, containing R2O low, SiO2 high glass, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the dispersion is small, the chemical stability is good, the thermal stability is high, the electrical insulation is good, uses in the former glass (for example Pyrex), the heat-resisting cooker, the ampoule glass, the neutral glass, the electric vacuum glass, the optical glass, the LCD substrate, the solar

2, alkaline borosilicate glass: Refers to sio2-b2o3-ro components, such as SIO2-B2O3-PBO components, the use of optical glass, low-temperature glaze, Sio2-b2o3-pbo/zno components for the crystallization of powder solder, as cathode ray tube (CRT) Sealing, Sio2-b2o3-zno components, used in rectifiers, electronic devices passivation.

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