Client’s Visitation In Garbo Glassware

- Jan 12, 2018 -

          Client’s Visitation in Garbo Glassware


Many clients visit Garbo every month,Garbo provides high quality products,good service to all clients. Garbo Glassware has more than 200 new own moulds each year to support customers’ market.


GARBO has three showrooms,one for stock items,one for soda lime glassware,one for borosilicate glassware and glass bottle.

USA client visit

Borosilicate glassware project: Customized pyrex glass teapot


Client provides original sample.

Garbo has ability to do customized borosilicate glassware by create new molds(mold cost will be refundable when order) 



Australia client visit

Soda lime glassware project: Engraved whisky tumbler,champagne glass cup,glass candy jar etc.



France client

Soda lime glassware project: Customized glass tumbler,glass manson jar etc.



More other style for borosilicate glassware photos:(customized logo:available)


image.pngPyrex glass teapot with ceramic infuser

image.pngPyrex glass coffee maker


image.pngPyrex glass carafe with stainless steel lid

image.pngBorosilciate glass water bottle with fabric cover



image.png Borosilciate glass double wall cup



image.png Borosilicate glass single wall cup with silicone base



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