Customs Clearance Procedures And Precautions For Export To The United States

- Jul 24, 2018 -

 Customs clearance procedures and precautions for Export to the United States

  There are a variety of ways to trade goods exported to the United States. In some cases, the United States import clearance fees and taxes for some goods are paid by the consignor. In this case, The American Customs Association requires Chinese exporters to sign a POA (Power of Attorney, power of attorney before shipment.


  For example, in the United States, where DDP (Delivered Duty Paid, delivers after duty), there are usually two methods of customs clearance:


1. Customs clearance on behalf of the U.S. consignee is provided by the U.S. consignee (consignee) as the American agent of the forwarder, and the US consignee's Bond is also required.


2. Customs clearance in the name of the consignor is provided by the consignor with POA to the port of departure forwarder, and the forwarder is transferred to the port of destination agent. The American agent shall help the consignor to handle the importer's customs registration number in the United States, and the consignor shall purchase Bond. at the same time.



Bboth of the above methods of customs clearance, either way, must use the United States consignee's tax number (Tax ID, also known as IRS No.) To clear customs. IRS No. (The Internal Revenue Service No.) Is a tax identification number registered by the U.S. consignee with the IRS.


In the United States, customs cannot be cleared without Bond, without tax code or customs clearance.




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