Garbo New Project For Ceramic

- Jan 26, 2018 -

                                                                          Garbo New project for ceramic

  As 2018´s plan of Garbo Glassware, Garbo have a ceramic training meeting in last Thursday afternoon. All of sales department and purchasing department have attended it. In this meeting we have studied about the basic knowledge of ceramic products.

1. Technological Process:

  For making ceramic cups, mugs, bowls and plates, firstly we need to open a basic mould. Ceramic´s mould normally is lower price but is not durable. So when we mass produce ceramic products, there are many moulds for making. When moulds ready, we will put raw material inside and make a rudiment. After the rudiments are finished by air drying, the last step we will glazing inside or outside of the whole ceramic products. Any machine or hand made processing will be the last and last after 3 steps above.

2. Main Classification:

1) Magnesia Porcelain(White color porcelain)


2) Bone China(Raw material with cremains of animals):


3) Stoneware(Rainbow bowls):


3. Main Area of Distribution:


1) Hunan Province: Main of magnesia porcelain with technical maturity, normally with competitive price and have stock items for promotion.

2) Guangdong Povince: Main of magnesia porcelain and bone china, lower MOQ with beautiful look.


3) Henan Province: Main of stoneware, normally have stock but MOQ is higher.

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