Historical Development Of Glass Candle Holders

- Jul 19, 2017 -

In the Three Kingdoms period, there are celadon and sheep-shaped candlestick, the Western Jin Dynasty popular crouching lion Candlestick. In the Southern Dynasty candlestick style is richer, have lion shape, single tube, double tube, four tube, lotus shape and so on, in which the tubular candlestick is popular in Fujian area, with string long handle, upper end of the handle is open bowl shape, the bowl has candle seat. The base of candlestick in Sui and Tang dynasties is often engraved with exquisite patterns. The Ming Dynasty candlestick modelling is rich, and has the very high artistic appreciation value, among them Yongle, Xuan morals when Jingdezhen kiln fired candlestick, the mouth and the pedestal is octagonal, the neck is cylindrical. Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan zhengde Imperial porcelain and blue Arabic candlestick, for a tubular cylindrical plate, after the Qing Dynasty candlestick shape basically inherited this type.

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