IKEA Being Sued In China Over Exploding Glass Cup

- Mar 26, 2018 -

IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, is being sued after a glass cup exploded in the face of a Chinese customer.

A woman claimed she was just about to drink water from a "Stelna" cup when the glass exploded on May 20, 2017. She lost consciousness at once and was sent to hospital. Her lip needed four stitches and her front tooth was broken due to the accident.

Wang is accusing IKEA of selling flawed products and is asking for one million yuan, or about 158,000 U.S. dollars in compensation.

The court case, scheduled to be heard on Thursday, was delayed as IKEA did not show up.

Five days after the explosion happened, IKEA had apologized through its Weibo account and said the company would compensate the woman for her injuries.

Why tempered glass have a certain self-explosion rate?

Tempered glass self-explosion started from when the tempered glass produce.Tempered glass self-explosion can be expressed as in the absence of external direct effect of the case of automatic crushing phenomenon.

During the tempered processing, storage, transportation, installation, using and other processes can occur in the glass self-explosion.

1.According to the different cause,self-explosion can be divided into two types: 

First,by the visible defects in the glass cause self-explosion, such as stones, sand, bubbles, inclusions, notches, scratches, blasting, etc.

Second,by the nickel sulfide (NIS) Impurity and heterogeneous particles caused tempered glass self-explosion.

2, The characteristics tempered glass self-explosion is uncontrollable and the reason of tempered glass self-explosion is unclear, the main reason for the problem may be the glass containing nickel sulfide, that is, in the construction process of glass is nickel contamination, nickel and glass in the sulfide chemical reaction, resulting in rupture.nickel sulfide after the replacement of the type of difficulty.

Garbo glassware Tempered glass cup:


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