Indian Truck Drivers Began A Nationwide Strike

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Indian truck drivers began a nationwide strike

Indian truck drivers will go on a nationwide indefinite strike from 6 a.m. on July 20, which will severely affect the import and export of Indian ports, port operations, forward and backward hauling operations, domestic logistics and so on.Starting July 15, local booking agents in India will no longer accept orders.


The President of the AIMTC said that since July 20, about 900,000 trucks across the country have been unable to operate, and that they have made adequate preparations and plans for a strike and are determined not to stop until they meet their goals.The strike is aimed at lowering oil prices, rationalising road tolls and tackling congestion at ports.


For the possible port congestion and the inability of Indian buyers to pick up the goods, please ask exporters to pay attention to the risks:

1. Indian law allows importers not to take delivery without payment

India has a law that allows no payment, no delivery, no legal liability, while Indian customs allows only 30 days of stacking.If the importer does not apply for an extension, the goods will be auctioned or abandoned.Therefore, if the goods cannot be picked up in the event of a strike, it may lead to the risk that the buyer will refuse to accept the goods.


2. It is expressly stated in all risk clauses that the loss of goods caused by war and strike shall not be covered by all risks.Shipping to large, strike-prone countries such as India and Brazil, please buy strike risks as needed.

In a word, as a professional buyer and supplier, we should be aware of foreign trends and actively guard against foreign trade risks


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