Sino-us Trade War

- Apr 09, 2018 -

                           Sino-us trade war

As each other's largest trading partner, China and the United States both set great store by their trade ties. Yet with the surplus in China's favor proving an itch that US President Donald Trump can't stop scratching in his bid to achieve what he calls "fair and reciprocal" trade relationships, in real speak meaning they conform to his "America first" mantra for the voters, trade tensions between the world's two largest economies have been on the rise.



What China do in a US trade war

1, On April 1st the Chinese government issued a $3 billion retaliation list aimed at US imports in response to the Section 232 tariffs, much of it agricultural products.  


2, The Chinese government reacted with its own attached list of $50 billion in tariffs on US imports into China.


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