The Difference Between White Customs Clearance And Gray Clearance In Russia

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Foreign trade people who have exported to Russia know that there are white customs clearance and grey customs clearance in the Russian customs clearance policy, so what is white customs clearance, what is gray customs clearance? Which is better for

Russia Customs? 

White Customs means of customs clearance through normal customs inspection into Russia, protected by Russian law, the regular circulation of goods.

Grey custom clearance

The consignor is responsible for the shipment to the Chinese gate on the Chinese side and successfully passes the inspection. But when the consignee receives the goods at the Russian port, the inspection is cumbersome, so some links are settled by the Russian customs clearance company. These forwarders are approved by the government for customs clearance and tax collection. Trade between China and Russia is a complex issue. Because in order to profit from the inspection procedures carried out by the "customs clearance company," the customs clearance company unilaterally modified the variety and quantity of the goods on the manifest. As a result, Chinese goods entering Russia have no formal security procedures. Exports are genuine, but imports become black goods.

And thus in Russia when the domestic inspection, unhesitatingly became the object of arrest. So it is not difficult to see that in many enterprises the goods have been seized, no one has raised such problems, these are due to the damage to exporters' rights and interests caused by the grey customs clearance. Most of China's exports to Russia come from gray customs clearance channels, which are much faster than normal customs clearance and relatively cheap. Grey customs clearance is not only found in Russia, but also in countries such as Pakistan.

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