The Earliest Glass Cup In China Was Found In The Ancient Tomb Of Xuzhou

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The earliest glass cup in China was found in the ancient tomb of Xuzhou



As we know, Glass cup is the most commonly used cup in people's daily life, not only because glass is more healthy for drinking, but also because glass is inexpensive. We know a lot about the characteristics of the glass, but most of us don't know where China's earliest domestic glass comes from.

The archaeology has revealed a archaeological study that the earliest known and most widely discovered Chinese homemade glass is from the Beidongshan Han Tomb, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, which was built in the 2nd century BC.


The glass products found in the tomb include 16 glass cups, a glass beast and 3 small blue glass. They were buried underground between 175BC and 128 BC, and they were revisited until more than 2,100 years later.


Archaeologists pointed out that in the ancient Chinese lead-bismuth glass that has been unearthed before, the types of products are generally glass enamels, beads, ear mites and other accessories, the numbers for daily-use is very small. In terms of glass product size, there are many small accessories and fewer large accessories. But for the glass cups excavated in Beidong Mountain of Xuzhou, there are a large size, and with a large number, which indicates that China has a mass production capacity for larger daily-use cups in the 2nd century BC, and broke cognitive for the ancient Chinese about homemade glassware is just for a small jewelry and gifts.


It should be noted that many of the ancient glass unearthed are opaque. The reason why these glasses are opaque is not that they do not bake transparent glass at the time, but to obtain imitation jade products by baking glass. Therefore, the discovery of Xuzhou Xihan glassware is of great significance for studying the development of ancient China glass production.


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