The Household Glassware Industry Is Faced With Shuffle

- May 09, 2018 -

1. In 2014, the most stringent environmental law was promulgated, and Foshan entered the year of environmental protection law enforcement.

In August 28th, Foshan announced the issuance of the enforcement measures for Foshan's administrative responsibility for environmental protection.

After September 30th, all glass manufacturing enterprises which do not meet the requirements of environmental protection production require shutting down.

Foshan related departments said. As an important target industry for air pollution remediation, glass manufacturing and power generation, ceramics, aluminum profiles and other industries are facing a new "shuffle"

2.The joint work of government and enterprise to solve the problem of pollution.

In recent years, in order to improve the urban atmospheric environment quality and energy structure, Foshan has intervened by polluting enterprises through administrative examination and approval, regulations and regulations.

3.Increase the cost of production to eliminate "small enterprises"

Natural gas, which is closely related to glass production enterprises "oil to gas", is also of great concern.

Oil change will play a positive role in the air pollution control in Foshan, and the related enterprises should bear the corresponding social responsibility. However, at the same time, the enterprises also face the increase of production costs while investing a large amount of equipment transformation costs.

4.Another worry for companies is whether the supply of natural gas in Foshan can meet the soaring market after "oil to gas" is completed. After the expansion of the limiting zone, a large number of enterprises need to upgrade the production energy. Once the transformation is completed, the dependence on natural gas will be as uninterrupted as the hydropower is all year.

  Before transformation, the cost of fuel will account for about 30% of the total production cost, and that will increase to over 40% after the oil is converted to gas, which is equivalent to an increase of over 10% of the total production cost. A glass product enterprise in Luo Village told reporters that the profit of glass production has been declining in recent years, the oil change will push the industry to a new round of "shuffle", small scale, low profit enterprises will be unable to undertake the cost of transformation and production costs are eliminated by the market.

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