The Popular Kinds Of Glassware In Summer

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The popular kinds of glassware in Summer

As a professional supplier and buyer, we need to know what kinds of glassware is popular sold in different seasons so that we could meet the customers purchase goals.

Now is during summer, so I want to introduce some pupular glassware in this hot season.

In South America market, that the glass juice jar is hot sale in summer. This kind of glassware is always hot sale in South America market, specially in summer there are many people like to drink juice.


   It’s well known that summer is good season for eating ice-cream. Therefore, glass ice cream cup is naturally hot sale in summer, especailly in India market and the middle east market. Popular glass ice cream cup includes transparent type and engraved type.

image.png image.png

 The last but not least item is glass water jug or glass jug set. 7pcs glass jug set is specially hot sale in summer. It is well using in home or hotel. Its advantages is convenient for keeping cold water or juice.


If we can introduce suitable items for customers at the suitable time. I think that is very beneficial to our bussiness.



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